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About Rickey




Rickey is an MBA (Master of Business Administration) with more than 14 years of experience in Business Development, Account Management, Planning Coordination, Retail Management, Merchandising and Customer Service. 

Rickey has a passion for training and works with people to create real world experiences in the training forum. He has run highly successful training courses, which include Sales, Customer service, Merchandising, HR and Emergency procedures and compliances.


Rickey, believes an important ingredient in successful training session is connecting with the participants. He maintains a balance of information, jokes, activities and stories which keeps the trainees interested and achieves the learning goal. 

He has developed a diverse skills set through his various management roles and worked in all the divisions of a business which gives him the knowledge and content to successfully engage the learners.

He is an ideal trainer with a very enthusiastic personality, adapts to the audience and builds quick reputation.
He will definitely illuminate your path to productive and joyful employees.

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