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About Aggie

Agampreet Kaur Photo_2.jpg
  • Aggie has this vision of education that seeks to empower people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their limitations. She believes that every person has their own unique capability that can be brought out in the right environment. 

  • Aggie has worked in a variety of industries ranging from education to climate change to facilitation. She has presented world class financial literacy workshops to primary school children in Australia and covered 4 cities and 2 regional areas, delivering 426 sessions to 11265 students. 

  • She is also a mentor for students with learning disabilities and is proficient in face to face delivery as well as digital delivery. She was part of an educational grassroots project that initiated a cultural exchange between Australian and South Asian students that helped bridge the gap between the concept of sustainability.

  • Aggie holds degrees in Environmental Management and Engineering. Her specialisations include community engagement, stakeholder management, program delivery and project management. She has worked for prominent organisations such as ETS, Portraits of Change, Rococo Group and a Big 4 consultancy firm.

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