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In-House Coaching

Customised training for your company

Have a particular area in your Business you want to improve??

Illuminate specialises in creating custom Coaching & Training programmes focused directly on any areas that your company and staff need to improve on.

We have worked alongside with some of Australia's largest and well known companies to provide them with training solutions so there staff can be better equiped for any challenges and areas of improvement.



  • Private session at your companies head office.

  • Courses can be Tailored to be 'Project Specific'.

  • Customised to your companies methods, procedures, including company logo on all provided material.

  • Great way for fellow employees to spend time with eachother when they are usually seperated by location/departments.

  • Staff members get to know eachothers rolls in more detail.

  • Learning how certain departments impact other departments.

  • Relationship building, understanding eachother on a personal level.

  • Lunch provided.

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