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Microsoft Project Beginner

Course Overview
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This course delivers practical techniques for building, monitoring and reporting on a project using Microsoft Project software.

Target Student

Aimed at those with no existing formal Microsoft Project training this course arms you with real world skills enabling you to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Project on your next project.


No existing formal Microsoft Project training is required.

Course Outline

1. Getting Started With Microsoft Project

  • Topic A: Identify Project Management Concepts
  • ​Topic B: Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment

2. Defining a Project​

  • Topic A: Create a New Project Plan

  • Topic B: Define a Project

  • Topic C: Assign a Project Calendar

3. Creating and Organizing Tasks​​

  • Topic A: Add Tasks to a Project Plan

  • Topic B: Import Tasks From Other Programs

  • Topic C: Create a Work Breakdown Structure

  • Topic D: Define Task Relationships

  • Topic E: Schedule Tasks

4. Managing Project Plan Resources​​

  • Topic A: Add Resources to a Project Plan

  • Topic B: Create a Resource Calendar

  • Topic C: Enter Costs for Resources

  • Topic D: Assign Resources to Tasks

  • Topic E: Resolve Resource Conflicts

5. Finalizing a Project Plan​​

  • Topic A: Optimize a Project Plan

  • Topic B: Set a Baseline

  • Topic C: Share a Project Plan

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