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1. Communication skills

Communication is an excellent tool for sharing ideas and building trust with colleagues, partners and superiors. This skill must be applied in every job, even if it does not require communicating with many people.

Even if you have difficulty starting a conversation, to communicate better, you can think of 3 topics to discuss before any meeting or conversation to reduce pressure.

2. Mentor

Having your predecessors share valuable experiences will not only help you improve your confidence but also gradually clarify your career direction. First, do it, then do it right, then do it better. Instead of just staring at a blank page, write something down, then refine and improve it.

3. Increase connection

Today, many positions can work remotely without needing to go to the office. Although convenience has many advantages, its disadvantages unintentionally reduce the ability to interact and collaborate with colleagues and even hinder innovation.

To increase connectivity, you should actively participate in video meetings. Participants need to turn on their cameras and seriously listen to each comment. In addition, to increase co-worker cohesion, you should remember each other's birthdays to exchange wishes for lunch together or discuss the organisation's favourite foods and common goals.

4. Strategic thinking

One warning is that you should not have "tunnel vision" but instead think strategically about your work. Once you have foresight and a long-term plan, you can imagine the future direction and have solutions to cope.

Everyone should focus on what they can control rather than getting bogged down in details that lead to anxiety and frustration. Job insecurity will certainly affect psychology, especially in Gen Z, the generation in the early stages of their career.

5. Invest in complete happiness and wellbeing

Invest in your happiness. Anxiety at work can be the main cause of burnout, causing serious harm both mentally and physically. This also negatively affects values ​​such as family and other relationships. Therefore, the two words "balance" are words that you should consider before doing anything.

Allocate your time and mind towards the balance between health, family, career and relationships to achieve the most complete happiness. This is not easy to do, but as long as you are persistent and strive to improve yourself little by little every day, you will achieve what you want. In particular, learning to say "no" to inappropriate things at work will help you improve your balance.


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