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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

True Story

Everyone in this business is maximum age 45, I said to the GM.

I really don’t know why he said, we have a non-discrimination policy which our Human resources team follow.

He had been offered a promotion to General Manager by the Board and HR was responsible for advertising and recruiting for his replacement.

I will prove to you we do not discriminate; I will apply for the role using an alias and no doubt I will get the job.

He applied with an edited resume,

A week went by and he had heard nothing from HR.

Interviews had commenced, but so far, he was not in the mix.

He followed up with an email and attached his resume again, obviously with his made-up name

He received an email from HR to his made-up email address, it read

Thankyou for your recent application, however after careful consideration we feel your skills and experience do not match the criteria and wish you success in any future applications.

He met with HR, When he sighted his own resume, he asked what was happening with this application.

Answer, we can tell from the work history that this person is in his 50’s and would just not be a fit for the business.

WOW, to all leaders out there, do you know that you’re missing out on high quality staff because ageism is thriving in the workplace.

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