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Be That GO TO Person

Updated: Jul 18

Being a mentor can be very rewarding in a very personal and perhaps spiritual sense.

I am often reminded of the famous business quote, be very nice to people on the way up your career ladder, you may pass them again on your way down.

The gathering of knowledge is something that simply happens over time. Whether you complete an MBA or a University Degree or Diploma or even a Certificate in Vocational Education.

These things will serve you well at the commencement of your career.

However, as time passes you will discover that new skills need to be learned, these are called soft skills and short professional development courses are where you will learn.

Here you learn about communication, negotiation, team building and a whole range of other things.

Over time all this study becomes a second nature to you, it is something you do without giving it any real thought.

So having gathered all this knowledge and all these skills, you discover you have become a leader of people.

That go to person when someone needs help or guidance.

You attend various business networking events and your profile increases across multiple industries.

Now you effectively are in a position of helping others.

We at Illuminate Coaching and Training are all professional leaders and we strive each day to instill new knowledge into others, so that their careers move forward and upward.

You are now in a position of being a mentor to others.

Stay tuned for the how to be a Mentor.

Michael Robinson

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