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Challenges Become Solutions

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Most people love Networking and meeting different people from different industries.

Often we like to hear about the challenges others are currently facing and if we can, offer some insight or probable solution.

Learn to be calm when facing challenges and think about how you manage to do this when a storm is all around.

WELL - the fact is - there will always be challenges in business and in life.

So todays challenges are tomorrows solutions.

That then makes way for the many new challenges coming through.

So best to learn how to deal with it - its just a reality and the more challenges you face, the better you become at finding a way through or a solution.

KPMG have listed the Top 5 challenges...

What are the key challenges facing Australian business leaders in 2023?

Talent acquisition, retention and re/upskilling staff to meet a more digitized future (77%)

Digital transformation and optimization, and extracting organizational value from it (46%)

Dealing with cyber risks (40%)

Dealing with evolving regulatory processes, reporting changes and impacts (35%)

The need for greater agility and flexibility in their organization to meet opportunities and challenges (35%)

Do you agree with these Top 5 or do you see something else?

Michael Robinson

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