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Communication In The Workplace

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

What’s going on!!! Often heard in any organisation, large, medium or small, that leads to confusion, doubt and worry. Communication is vital to any business and good communication usually means a great culture, where people feel informed and aware of the bigger picture. It’s as easy as a once per month meeting where the head of the business brings all staff together and covers a few items that are important to the organization right now Where we are at!

What we need to achieve! Who is driving this project! What do we need from staff! A department leader should also inform teams as to what’s a priority right now, this can happen in a weekly catch-up meeting All you need is a few bullet points, convey the information and ask for any questions before closing. The difference these short meetings have, can be a major impact on culture. Two managers on our Communication course of late indicated they had no idea how badly they communicated and how easy it really is to fix this. Interested to hear what tips you may have for good communication that works for you.

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