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Work From Home in 2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In 2020, I am spending so much time, like so many others in the spare bedroom. It has become my place of work. The place I have meetings via Skype or Zoom or Google.

My daily commute from the kitchen to my workplace takes around 10 x seconds. This is where I check and send emails. This is where I complete proposals, write reports, connect with my team or senior management.

The office is now my spare room, for others it is the kitchen table or the balcony or a seat and small table in the backyard.

In 2020, I have been invited and welcomed into homes across the world all through Zoom meetings. I have met peoples pets and children and their wives or husbands.

It is strange, but somehow, I have come to know people much more than I ever did when I was working in the office.

Now, we communicate not just about work, we also share cooking recipes, family photos, favorite books or TV shows.

We have adapted and through this, we have learned how to stay focused on our work, complete our work, manage deadlines, and attend meetings.

The big debate now is about the use of the work office as we move forward and hopefully out of this Covid world.

My feeling is that I would prefer to work from home maybe two or three days a week and go into the office a few days so I con connect and bond and collaborate with people face to face.

I have also managed to complete a few training courses and maintain my currency by continued professional development.

2021 is coming soon, what will life look like in the new year?

Michael Robinson

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