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Have You Heard The BAD News

Have you heard the BAD news

At this stage you just know you have a situation that you need to deal with and find a solution to it.

Not everything in our life always goes to plan.

People are people and they do strange things and often make bad decisions and those bad decisions have an impact on others.

So here's a tip!

Spend maybe 30 x minutes a week planning what you will do when bad news comes along.

Think about what Bad news would actually really bother you or effect your business.

Then when you have a list of those things, have a think about what you can do when that bad news item actually happens.

In other words = SOLUTIONS

SUDDENLY you have a plan B in place.

Its something that you now have a good idea on what to do if that bad news happens.

Another part of always minimizing risk and being prepared.

Michael Robinson

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