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Making Yourself More Valuable

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The stats are in for our 2022 course graduates and as per the previous year, we are noticing some great results for people who take a short course with Illuminate Coaching & Training.

85% of our students in 2022 achieved promotions in their workplace, a notable salary increase and others landed a great new job with another organization

The short courses we run at ICT are designed and structured in a way that allows students to be engaged in the learning, engaged in the collaboration with others in the class and be able to immediately put their new skill into action when back on the job.

This means employers who invest in their people get back a more skilled and productive employee.

For the people who invest in themselves, they are now ready to take on challenges and roles in which they thought they had no chance before attending the course at Illuminate Coaching & Training.

The people we trained in 2022 work for many different employers across multiple industries.

These include organizations such as the "GIO", "Westpac", "Hilton Hotels", & "Toll".

Proving once again that the critical skills we teach in our varied courses are transferable to all industries.

We are NOT technical training specialists, we leave that specific training to the individual organizations.

However when it comes to the skills of increased communication, team building, negotiation and more, known as soft skills - we feel we are doing a pretty good job.

We look forward to having more great results with people in 2023.

Hopefully you will be one of those people.


Michael Robinson

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