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Professional Development

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In March 2020, the world changed almost overnight, people were laid of work and businesses closed in many cases forever.

Suddenly people became aware that due to mass unemployment and very few jobs around, that they had to become far more skilled than they were before. The focus for many was about getting a job not entering 18 x months of study to gain a Diploma.

Therefore, the focus became getting new skills quickly, getting those skills from professionals who could train and pass on the knowledge in a structured format and over the period of just a few days.

Employees are constantly assessed for skills, capabilities, and readiness to take on increased responsibilities.

Illuminate Coaching & Training is a Professional Development company that ticks the boxes in what people in this highly competitive job market are looking for.

Offering One day, two day and even up to three days structured professional development courses that are delivered by training professionals who deliver the training and collaborate with the needs of individual students, so that the knowledge can be immediately actioned.

In our current competitive job market, those who are still employed need to up skill so that they are ready to take on increased responsibilities or duties for their employer.

Those in the market frenzy job seeking arena need to be a highly competitive and multi skilled applicant who grabs the interest of a prospective employer and wins the job.

Professional Development is today more important than ever on this road to jobs recovery.

Michael Robinson

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