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Recruiting the right person.

In any business, in fact in any organization we have people who are employed to do certain tasks and the tasks that people carry out have impact on what other people are doing.

When you hire people to do these tasks the expectation is that they will perform this work and that you can trust them to do the work without having to be involved yourself as a Manager or Leader.

In simple terms that means, if you hire a person to mow your lawns and trim the edges, then that person would already have the skills to perform these tasks. You would not expect to hire them to only find yourself pushing the lawnmower around the garden while they stood about watching you. That function would be called training.

However, as a manger you may find yourself directing them to take a little more of that corner of the lawn or trim that edge a bit more than the others.

So, while they are busy doing the work you hired them to do, you can get on with other tasks that you need to do.

Now when you hire people to do certain work, you look for experience in doing the actual work that they will be doing for you. Another thing you may look for is a certain style of person, someone who may be a good fit with other team members that they will be working closely with. This contributes to team building and teamwork.

Often as a Manager, you may also be looking for someone with a few skills that sit outside the usual job description, knowing that those other skills can be called on from time to time in supporting other pieces of work or knowing that down the track these other skills will be an asset for future roles.

No doubt in 2020, we have found that employers are looking for people with many skills that sit outside the box and we are finding that employee’s are keen to add new skills to their resume so they stand out from the others in this competitive employment market.

Michael Robinson

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