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Take Me To Your Leader

Over the past 20 x months we have all had the time during various lockdown periods to sit and watch the news.

As an individual and as a business professional, In the past, I always paid a passing interest to our leaders, such as Prime Minister, State Premier, various other ministers.

However during the pandemic, we have ALL been given the opportunity to really scrutinize our leaders via extended press conferences and increased media coverage on an actual global scale.

We have all had the opportunity to do something that our own employees do with us every single day.

They watch you - they judge you, they learn from you and they make a decision as to whether they respect you or they do not.

No doubt many people reading this have already made renewed judgement on our current leaders, in Australia and across the globe

So how have they really performed in your view.

Would you keep them on much longer?

Would you now be in a performance management discussion to move them out the door?

Would you really have the confidence to promote or give them increased responsibility?

Do you TRUST them?

Remember, your staff, your people, judge you and your performance on a daily basis. You may never find out what they are really thinking.

However, as a leader, you should be striving at all times to be the best you can be and not be sitting on your past success.

Everyday is a new day to be judged.

So how confident are you on a score out of 10 ?

MY passion along with my dedicated team at "Illuminate Coaching and Training", is about developing tomorrows leaders, so if you do not yet know everything, our professional development courses, the courses that will educate and inspire you to a brighter career are just a click away from moving your career into overdrive.

Now, my final question to me, is, who would I be confident in introducing this character too when asked, Take me to your leader?

Michael Robinson


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