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Talent, Experience, Desire and Trust = Mature Workers

What About Bob

In January 2021 Bob came into my office for a job interview.

His resume showed he had great experience in training and in business.

He is the person who walks into a room and you immediately know he is there. He has charisma, he has charm, he has precense about him and he demands your attention just by being there.

I hired Bob, he was 74 years young at the time.

He has delivered Project Management courses and Business Process Management courses for me.

He has come into the office in his own time and completed administration work.

He has shown up to greet clients and share morning tea with them on courses he does not even need to be at.

Bob tells me he stays young because he is young, he tells me he is not old like those Rolling Stones.

Every Wednesday he goes to visit his Mother who is 98 years young at a facility in Miranda.

Bob is one of the best hires I ever made.

So when you look at people in your recruiting process, you need to open your eyes and your mind.

See the ability, not the age or challenge a person lives with.

We have a lot of Bobs and Barbara's in the world, who still have so much to offer.

Give Bob a go - you will be happy you did.

Ooh by the way, Happy 75th Birthday Bob.

He will hate me for this post LOL

Michael Robinson


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