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The Oracle in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I call them The Oracle. The keeper of all the information. I have found that most organizations have them. They are usually quite nice people, however if you ask where you can get the information - they will not tell you - they go and find it for you. In a small business you may only have the One. In larger organizations you will have many - they are usually the head of a department. Over time they have become of such value, they are irreplaceable

They are the only person who knows where certain files or documents live on the network.

They know the process of the work flow and will not share this with anyone.

In short they are protecting their own position. Now you are at RISK. If they take a day off - you panic If they go on leave, you become frightened If they resign - you go into a nervous sweat. Who are your Oracles ? They are the keeper of the information and only they know where it lives. We have so much fun with this item in our Human Resources for None HR Managers course. Time to consider a Policy & Procedures manual

Michael Robinson

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