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What Great Resignation of 2022?

Great Resignation of 2022 - are we JOKING

In the past few months I have spoken to many people who have a full time job.

When I mention the great resignation coming in 2022, most of them fall about the room laughing out loud......

You must be joking, they shout out.

Why would I throw a well paid job in and go through the absolute stress of trying to get a new job in what is a very tough market.

Update my resume, create a different cover letter for every job.

Who really wants the massive task of Job Hunting?

Go through a phone screening, then if I am really lucky, pretend I have dental appointments so I can attend job interviews with strangers that do not know me and try and put on a show for them.

STATISTIC - every person in current full time paid work knows at least 2 x close friends or associates that have been out of work for many months.

In short - are we just continuing to making job hunting such a mammoth task for very talented people?

In the modern world, we have social media to assist in our intel of any person.

Through social media you can discover just about all you need to know about a person, which includes career, behaviors, and what they even love for breakfast.

So why do we continue with this archaic practice of cover letters, resumes and even psychometric testing.

Lets start to use the technology we have, which makes this entire process so much easier for all of us.

In fact at Illuminate Coaching and Training, our last 3 x hires were made within a time period of just 5 x days using the technology we have available.

I might also add, that if your job AD has a technical skill that can be learned relatively quickly, then do not make it a job requirement.

Somethings need to change, agree or not?

Michael Robinson


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