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What Happened To The Tie

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I like wearing a tie for business.

However its becoming more obvious to me following the pandemic that I am often the only person at a meeting wearing a tie.

In fact it's not just the tie - its also the suit.

Others are now wearing jeans and often an open neck shirt and often a pair of sneakers.

This must have an impact on those who sell suits and ties and shoes.

Now's here something that adds to my confusion.

At a recent business presentation I was again the only person wearing a suit and tie. Those who I presented to were all what I would describe as casual.

Yet when we won the business - the CEO stated one of the reasons we got the business was that I was the only person who presented to the group as a professional.

This strikes me as strange and why I am confused.

In most of the learning and development classes we run at Illuminate Coaching and Training, most people also turn up in smart casual gear.

So, how do you feel about the tie ?

Love to hear your thoughts on this

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