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What You Accomplish in The Next 10 Years Starts Now

Chances are if you are a certain age you have many years left to being in the workplace. Once people realise they have a need to work to achieve a certain lifestyle and of course cover those ongoing living expenses, then a choice needs to be made.

You can work on your job or you can work on your career.

In five or even ten years from now you will arrive at a destination of your life and your career and the choices you make today will determine if you have enjoyed the journey or if you simply made the journey.

The great news is that doing small things everyday can make a huge difference to where you will be in a few years’ time.

The choice you have is to simply go to work everyday and work in your job and get your monthly pay packet OR you can arrive at work each day and work on your career, while still doing your job.

Setting a few simple goals for yourself.

  • What do I want to achieve in 6 x months, where do I want to be in 12 x months?

  • Am I doing what I need to be doing for me – to develop myself and learn new skills?

  • Whose job in the organization would I want if I could wave a magic wand?

  • What skills do they have, that I do not?

  • How do I get those skills?

The choices you make determine if you actually enjoy getting up in the morning and heading to work or do you drag yourself out of bed and make the daily crawl to work.

You have to be at work either way.

What life do you choose?

Michael Robinson

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