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WHY? Do You Do What You Do

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

WHY do you do what you do ?

It's a simple question, however so many people really do not know the answer to this.

They get up every morning

They make their way to work

They work at least an 8 x hour shift or even more

They make their way home at the end of work

So what's it all for?

Knowing WHY you do what you do actually shines a light a to where you are going.

A Job or career is a vehicle to get you to your destination in life.

You may have a few stops along the way, like

building a career

Earning money

Starting a family

Buying a house etc etc etc

However - as you may approach another destination, its good to know WHY, this was important to you.

So on occasion, especially when times can get tough, just


about where you are going and what you are doing and ask WHY!

So let me ask you this - WHY?

Michael Robinson

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