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Working From Home, Is This The Future ?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sad to say that it actually needed a Global Pandemic called Covid 19 to see that people could actually do great work from home rather than having to go to the office every day.

At the beginning we saw bedrooms, kitchen tables, a spare room and even backyards and balconies being used for the work space.

Over time many have adapted and created small designated spaces as a fixture for the workplace from home.

We have invested in better internet connections.

We have invested in a work desk and moved the coffee table back to where it belongs.

We have invested in better computers, better monitors and even better headsets.

We have created a work and play schedule and incorporated the time to also do some house work and cleaning.

How we have continually adapted is nothing short of absolute amazing.

Many of us can now pop in a chicken or piece of beef to cook just before we commence our Zoom meeting.

In between meetings and calls we add the vegetable’s and well to be honest we are simply eating much better

In fact, our health is even better.

The stress of the daily commute to the office has disappeared.

No longer do many of us sit in traffic or crowding onto a bus or a train in the faint hope of getting a seat.

So, what will normal be like after the pandemic?

Perhaps a combination of working from the office and working from the office.

Michael Robinson

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