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Project Management Training

Course FAQ

Participants will work with recurring and split tasks, manage and update tasks and apply calendars to tasks. Custom calendars, tables, views, filters, fields and reports will also be created and applied to projects.

Target Student

The course is aimed at those familiar with MS Project  but looking to learn how to get the most out of the in-built features.


You should have completed the MS Project Beginner course or be familiar with the basics of Microsoft Project.


1 day

Course Outline

1. Executing a Project

  • Topic A: Enter Task Progress

  • Topic B: Update Task Progress with SharePoint

  • Topic C: Update Work

  • Topic D: Update Costs

2. Monitoring Project Progress

  • Topic A: View Project Progress

  • Topic B: Add Custom Fields

  • Topic C: Create Custom Views

  • Topic D: Create a Network Diagram

  • Topic E: Analyze a Project Plan

3. Controlling a Project Plan

  • Topic A: Edit the Task List

  • Topic B: Reschedule Tasks

  • Topic C: Update a Baseline

4. Reporting on Progress

  • Topic A: Format and Share a Chart View

  • Topic B: View Existing Reports

  • Topic C: Create Custom Reports

  • Topic D: Create a Visual Report

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