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Trainers and Assessors – Casual Contract Positions

We are seeking well-rounded, motivated, and professional Trainers and Assessors that align with our core values of:

  • Respect and accountability in the workplace 

  • A passion for improving the lives of others and being an educator not only in the workplace

  • Offering professional high quality training and education to a room full of individuals  

  • Having passion and a love for what you do 



In this role you will be expected to:

  • Assist in developing training materials and assessment tools when required

  • Deliver training and assessment (classroom, workplace, and remote delivery)

  • Administer training and assessment activities

  • Achieve good to high satisfaction results from all training and assessment activities

  • Adhere to organisational policies and procedures

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Attend activities relating to Professional Development and Maintaining Currency

  • Have management or training experience and great customer service skills!


Days and hours of work are on a casual contract based on the courses you may run,

and we offer full support to help you grow as a educator and as an individual​


Please send your resume to

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