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Bad Managers Mess It All Up

Just trying to make it till I find a new job

So many people are saying and thinking this right now.

Unfortunately the reasons for this frame of mind remain the same as they have for many years.

The boss!

We have to many technical leaders who accept no blame for their leadership skills and who continue to pile the extra work onto good employees who in turn receive no extra benefit for the increased work load.

So when the employees drop the ball because of the increased pressure in getting all this stuff done, guess what?

They are held to account and blamed for lack of performance.

Loss of confidence, increased anxiety and productivity and motivation dissipates.

An easy way to measure what type of leader you really are is to look at your staff turnover in the past 12 x months.

Good luck with your findings.

The unfortunate thing is Bad Managers actually think and believe they are doing great work.

The professional development courses at Illuminate are designed and structured to give these critical skills to those who actually want to improve and recognise they need to improve.

Just a few days on any of our courses will give you what you need NOW and improve your performance in the workplace immediately.

That's why we love what we do - we design better managers.

Michael Robinson

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