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It's A Tough Start For Many In 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

What you choose to do is critical to success or failure.

So many people posting on LinkedIn right now about how they have lost jobs right at the start of 2023.

Jobs they loved and they thought the jobs loved them back - yet they got the news mainly through a text or email message.

Life is life and it can change in a second.

Its okay to feel devastated for a day or two - that's understandable.

However learn from this experience and know it may happen again and again as you go through life.

Now pick yourself up and reach out to your networks and do not be afraid to ask for help or support of some kind.

Life goes on and you must get motivated and get yourself together and move on.

I know its challenging - but things will get better.

I am supporting a number of people going through this transition at the moment.

Key issue is around personal finances.

So a good lesson to learn is to spend less and save more when you get your next role.

Salary sacrifice into your super is a great option.

Also always have enough in your savings to cover all your bills for at least 3 x months.

Be patient and things will turn around.

Remember - when the going gets tough - the tough get going.

Michael Robinson

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