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The Pros and Cons of LinkedIn's 'Open to Work' badge

LinkedIn's 'Open to Work' badge has become a prominent feature in the dynamic landscape of job hunting, offering job seekers a platform to express their availability. While it comes with its share of advantages, there are also potential drawbacks. In our blog, we delve into both sides, featuring quotes from our expert team of recruiters to provide a balanced perspective. Packed with useful information aiming to help candidates also improve their personal LinkedIn brand.

The Advantages

“Some career opportunities are not advertised online as the employer and their recruitment partners will headhunt independently before advertising the role. Having an ‘Open to Work’ badge on your profile alerts employers you are on the market, allowing them to reach out to you directly to discuss the role and business.”

  • Charlotte Grant, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Oxford

When candidates use the badge, they often receive support and advice from the LinkedIn community, creating a positive networking environment. The environment encourages those from all backgrounds and sectors to comment and message any potential vacancies that could help a candidate. 

"It helps us identify candidates actively looking in specific industries, streamlining our outreach efforts."

The Disadvantages

“Having an ‘Open to Work’ badge will encourage employers and recruiters to contact regarding opportunities they may have available. This can lead to you being bombarded by roles that may not meet your requirements. You may find it more beneficial to reach out to local recruiter in your area and set up a meeting to discuss your expectations and goals so they can present you with vacancies that match your criteria.”

  • Charlotte Grant, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Oxford

Some employers may perceive 'Open to Work' as a sign of desperation, leading to unconscious bias. While it is a helpful filter, it might exclude passive candidates who are open to new opportunities but not actively job-seeking. Candidates might receive a flood of job offers, making it challenging to sift through and find the right fit.

My thinking is it shoes desperation and will lower your value.

However, it really is your choice.

Michael Robinson

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