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Bring Me Solutions NOT Problems

I think this is one of the biggest cop outs of many managers today.

It's a little like, don't put the monkey on my back, it creates more work for me.

As a leader you need to firstly know that a problem does exist and what the potential risk of that problem will be.

You can then make an informed decision about how you will go about finding the solution.

A - Do you need to involve yourself immediately?

B- Do you trust your people to go away and give the problem some extra thought and come back to you with a few solutions that may work?

Good Questions to ask

“What do you think we should do about that?”

“What options do you see for responding?”

“What solutions do you think we should consider?”

“What would you do if I weren’t here?”

Sometimes people don’t even know that they have the standing to suggest solutions, so make it clear that you want to hear their thoughts.

ALSO - people are often not confident about bringing a problem to your attention as they believe you will think far less of them and their ability to do the job.

However - always tell your people you need to know that we do have a problem, without fear or favor.

Now you are in control again

Are you truly on top of the problems in your business?

At Illuminate Coaching & Training, we work with Leaders, Managers, Teams and individuals to skill them in this very important critical skill, required to succeed in building people and teams.

Michael Robinson

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