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Email - Get It Right

EMAIL can work against you

I have noticed emails of late from people who are clearly not giving thought to the power of the email.

It appears that the easiest way to criticize a person is to tap away on your computer and hit send.

However, if you were conveying the same message face to face or even over the phone, your message would most likely be delivered in a more structured and thought out context and not be as BOLD as your email.

Email is just so easy to work for you and unfortunately it is also very easy for it to work against you.

So please have a think about what your message is - who you are sending your message to and most importantly HOW you want this message to be received.

Doing this will save you time, money and effort in having to explain your position later.

Get it right the first time.....

Communication is so IMPORTANT

The ICT team

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