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Focus On Just The One Thing

Just Focus on ONE Thing

We live in a world that is full of distraction.

You go to a restaurant and open the menu and WOW - so many choices.

The waiter asks if you are ready to order and despite the fact that you were ready for a steak or fish dinner, you are now a bit confused and with the wide range of choices in your menu, all you can do is ask the waiter for a few more minutes.

You walk into your place of work and you have a list of things that need to be done, however, almost immediately, Raj, your administration assistant needs your help with an issue.

Then standing behind Raj, is Wendy, who also has a problem and needs your assistance.

The life of a Manager can very quickly become overwhelming and complicated.

You need to develop a discipline and it's called - One Thing at a time.

In my coaching work I am still coming across so many Managers who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and still uncertain about the future.

I am also giving my time freely to support those professionals who are still looking for work after many months of searching.

So if you fall onto either of these categories, PLEASE REMEMBER

It's time to focus on just one thing.

Cut out all the white noise, take a breath and find a place where you can just focus.

What is your No 1 priority for now - okay just focus on that and then the solution will appear.

If your looking for a new role - remember you only need the One Job.

We are ALL just 1 step away from our next success.

Keep going & Good luck

Michael Robinson

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