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Setting Realistic Expectations

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We all went through so many changes and challenges in 2020 as the global pandemic altered the way we do things.

Leaders everywhere had to make changes, lay off staff, work from home, learn to run meetings using technology rather than travel and meet face to face in the same room.

KPI’s were changed significantly as we were in a whole new world and in many cases had to lower our usual expectations and keep staff motivated.

However, the news of vaccines coming and a brand-new year, 2021, began to raise hopes that we may return to a new normal when the clock hit midnight on December 31st.

However – the reality was, nothing changed.

In fact, we heard about a mutant strain of the Covid virus.

New lockdowns were suddenly in place as the virus kept its ugly head alive and moving forward into the communities across the globe.

While it is always important to have hope, the fact is so many people set up unrealistic expectations, not only for themselves, but also for the people they lead in the workplace.

As leaders, managers, we have a responsibility to adapt to change quickly before it has a negative impact on those around us and even ourselves.

Are you putting ridiculous pressure on your teams because your hope far exceeds a reality?

Let’s stay focused in these early days of 2021. Create realistic targets and as we move forward, you can adjust targets as the information becomes clearer.

As leaders we need to continually adjust and work out realistic KPI’s for those we work with.

Our people are heavily battle weary after 2020 and the first weeks of 2021 have left so many without any real hope for 2021.

You need to be talking with your people, your teams about your plans for 2021.

How is the business going, what adjustments may need to be made?

How secure are the jobs?

If the pandemic continues do you have a contingency plan.

More than ever, your teams need a leader who can communicate, so be as transparent as possible.

COMMUNICATION skills are needed now.

Michael Robinson

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