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Stupid Reasons For Getting Rejected

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Blocking great talent for stupid reasons.

Imagine a kindergarten student not being able to get into first class at primary school. The reason, they have no experience studying in first class in a primary school.

Imagine a student completing primary school and not being accepted into High school. The reason, they have no experience in studying in High school.


However, in the business world recruiters and employers are continually blocking great talent for similar reasons.

Raj, has built a business from $500k turnover to 1.7 million in just two years. However, just got turned down for a role because the company was already at this income level.

They really wanted someone who had taken a business from $2 million to S3 million.

Allison has excelled in operations management for the past 5 x years in a manufacturing business and a financial institute business.

Got turned down because had no experience working in a retail business.

So many great people get rejected everyday because the employer is looking for absolute perfection.

Imagine going to apply for your Learners permit to drive a car and being rejected because you had no experience driving a car.

Yet as we all know – it takes less that 3 x months before you are driving well and all alone in the car.

Today’s question, when did we STOP allowing people to learn a new skill, face a new challenge?

People usually learn to adapt to a new business, a new industry, a new culture, and a new way of doing things in less than 3 x months.

SERIOUSLY the decision makers have lost vision.


Michael Robinson

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