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The Fun You Can Have In The Classroom

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Let’s be honest, watching a concert on television can be very entertaining and fun, however actually attending a live concert and being a part of the action, the vibe, well that experience is just so much better.

We found the same applies to On line training versus face-to-face Classroom training. The overall experience from a live event is just so much more engaging and being able to collaborate with your peers is just very inspiring.

Illuminate Coaching and Training, run a very popular and may I say dynamic course which is targeted to Management across all industries. It’s an in class experience, that allows everyone to join in, engage and have fun. HR for None HR Managers, it’s a 3 x day course that is packed with great content. When dealing with very important lessons, we always look for fun introductions to a unit. I love one of the exercises that really gets people thinking about the roles that are required to ensure a smooth operation. It’s called the Kitchen. We ask for People to list all the things that a functioning kitchen needs Coffee machine Bread maker Main oven Microwave oven Toaster etc. etc. Now we get them to write a clear description of what they use each appliance for In short we have very quickly and simply identified the role that needed to be filled and created a position description for each Now we have lightbulb moments of - WOW - okay I now get it. Making things fun is always a powerful learning message Now we have an idea about resources, and people get it, we are able to dig deeper and build on this body of understanding Michael Robinson

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