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The Office Moving Forward 2022


Current BUZZWORDS Downsizing Flexible working arrangement I sat in a team leadership meeting with a client and facilitated a discussion. The CEO has a very determined plan for how the business will operate post lockdown. Key points, we do not need all the office space we have been leasing for the Past 5 x years. Staff have clearly demonstrated they can be trusted to work from home and successfully complete the work. So, the first discussion was about involving the team in what space is really required moving forward and a consensus was about 50% The cash savings to the business would be substantial. The next key point was the balance of staff working in the office and working from home. The consensus, a maximum of 3 x days from home, with a minimum of 2 x days in the office. However, there was a very interesting trade off discussion to the working from home days. The leadership team felt that on those days staff would not be spending an average of a one hour or more commute, so they could be saving some two hours each day or 6 x hours per week in travel time. So, the tradeoff discussed is, that staff will clock on from home at least 30 x minutes before actual start time and clock off at least 30 x minutes after usual finish time. OR provide the full one hour at the end of the day.


Thankfully that tradeoff was rejected by the CEO Michael Robinson

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