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Time for a ME Day

I just decided to have a ME day! It was not planned, in fact as you can see I even showered and dressed. Looked out the window and it’s raining and dark. Right then and there I decided NOT Today - I am staying home. Checked my schedule and most things can be changed. Do you ever do that? Must admit it is rare, but I feel my body was telling me something and I needed to listen As a leader, its important to sometimes realize that if you are doing most things right - then the world can actually get along without you for a day.

I spoke with other Leaders about what and why they have a ME Day!

John from BHP

I once received a great. Piece of advice from a publican. He told me to make an appointment with myself every so often. Put it in my diary or tear that page out so you can't write anything else on it.

He said you are so busy having meetings and appointments with everyone else make one that cannot be rescheduled or broken with yourself. Maybe midweek and do whatever you want. Sometimes we forget about ourselves when trying to help everyone else

Lily from WESTPAC

We all deserve frequent ME days. Somehow guilt can creep in to do so. I believe this is related to the importance we give to ourselves. High importance would put us first and lets us treat ourselves as and when needed.

Ingrid from ZERO

I like planning them the day before … so I can truly relish the Morning that will be just mine. We all need our space and down time - keeps the fire burning. Have a brilliant day So you see, it is very important to just take time out on occasion.

The important thing is that you are listening to your mind and your body.

Both will tell you about its time for a short break.

Now excuse me - I must ring my team and let them know what my excuse is.......mmmmm Any good excuses are welcome? Enjoy your day :)

Michael Robinson


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