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We Don't Leave Jobs, We Leave Bad Managers

This problem is all too common.

People want to love their jobs, but they do not like the Managers who they work for.

These people feel stressed, they do not look forward to going to work and often they feel physically and mentally ill from working in a tough environment.

In a recent bunch of sessions, a group of highly paid Managers admitted that they all were just so fed up with their boss.

The fact that they had no respect for the boss actually made going to work and performing well, a very tough ask.

The money is great - but the boss is an idiot.

Interesting questions were being asked and I have to say ONE question took me a bit by surprise.

Question - Why am I forced to lie in an interview.?

Many people have become aware that if they blame the boss for the reason they are leaving - then it is them that get judged and not the boss.

It is they who are seen as the problem and concerns are raised and the applicant can easily be put into the culled section of applicants.

Yet we all know that over 70% of people actually leave a job due to bad management.

Its not the money, its not the career path and its not the location of the work.

So here's my question to you this morning.

Is it a stupid question?

I mean 8 x times out of 10 - you will not get the honest answer.

Your thoughts please

Michael Robinson


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