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When You Do Not Like A Work Colleague

Have you ever worked with someone you do not like?

Have you been doing your best for someone, only to discover through the grapevine, they do not like you?

In fact to make it worse they actually put you down when talking with others.

Often these people actually do a great job - but for whatever reason - the chemistry does not work.

No matter what you do - it is just a chore to get through a day with these people in your life.

Sometimes we just learn to be professional and get along - however, with the ones who are putting you down behind your back, well what happens next.

The biggest problem with all of this is that great people just end up leaving the organization because they do not want to face up to any informal or formal confrontation.

So all the professional resources we have which will assist us in fixing these issues never get used.

Interested to hear any experiences you may have had.

Michael Robinson


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